About Us

Headwaters Studio believes that great stories deserve special keepsakes. There are moments and people that demand an object to commemorate them. When we touch these things, somehow our memory pulls us through time to that something or someone of importance. I guess you could say we make time machines.

Our Core Values

SIMPLE IS BETTER: Life seems to flow when things are simple. At Headwaters Studio, we started with the imperative that our products be made in the USA. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing how a growing business impacts a community. And, unlike many factories in other countries, we do not dump our waste into the river out back… no two-headed frogs here.

DO NO HARM... to the environment or people. As such, we make products that last a lifetime. They won’t spoil, go bad, or fall apart in hundreds of tiny pieces of plastic or be tossed in a landfill. All of our products are printed on birch plywood. Birch is the fastest growing hardwoods, which is why birch plywood is one of the most sustainable wood products on the market. Our inks are solvent-free and UV cured. And, the final special sauce that makes our beautiful satin finish, well, that’s a green product too.

CREATIVE DESIGN: Have you ever cleaned out your closets? Well then, you’ve come across things you’ve outgrown. Things that just don’t fit anymore. We wanted to design products that would hang in homes well past the date when the children who used them leave the nest. Timeless. In many cases, real art prints by real working artists.

GIVE BACK: We believe that our work should contribute to others beyond the value of simply offering a terrific product. That’s why Headwaters Studio donates to child-centric non-profits and is a corporate sponsor for On-Belay.org.

Our Founder

Ellen McCaleb

Founder & CEO, Artist-In-Chief

lover of color, nature, wildlife; trophy fish carver & oyster farmer

The Team


Shop Manager, Customer Service

boy mommy to three / best customer service person ever


Designer, Manager Graphics Dept.

boy mommy to three / photographer / portrait artist


Special Projects, Media Relations

mixed media artist / independent thinker / animal advocate

Shop Dog Foster


chief shop dog / snack stealer extraordinaire

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