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Dear Big Sister, A Letter

Dear Big Sister, A Letter


Dear Big Sister, Please Don't Break His Heart

Dear Big Sister,

You probably haven't paused to consider how important you are. You are his first love. You are the Sun in his universe around which all planets orbit. And the warmth of your love, your attention and your friendship means everything to him.

He is younger. And that isn't his fault. He is your biggest fan...even though you might have dressed him up in some pretty crazy outfits...he let you. He trusted you. And he loved that afternoon of dress up.

As you grow older, your friends will demand more of your attention and that's natural. He will begin to feel left out or left behind. This is the natural progression of things, but if you could please take care how you come and go. Please remember all he feels for you. And please, do not break his heart.

Hug him before you leave and visit with him upon your return. He is family. And one day, he will be the most fierce friend you have. One day, he will be able to be the most supportive, loyal, loving and big (he will probably be much bigger than you) friend you could ask for. And even though he will always be your younger brother, he will be so much more.

If we all do our jobs, he will be your hero and you his heroin; and the universe will have expanded; and more planets will be in motion; and all will be as it should.

And all will be loved.


With Much Love,



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